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March 7, 2006 Hello All: So many updates, so little time. First the addtion of a new section - Big Trips - www.rrnne.net/bigtrips/ - which features the trip reports from the excursions that extend across multiple days, and might be outside the normal scope of the RRNNE.net area. Some time ago I launched the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad section - www.rrnne.net/bml/ - and, I am still looking for some data to fill in the gaps in the locomotive information table. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again for viewing RRNNE.net! - Joey Kelley, Co-Webmaster, RRNNE.net
November 21, 2005 Hello All: A couple of interesting updates - the MM&A car roster has been overhauled - all pages have been gone through and any images that were distorted or pixelated have been fixed. If any problems are discovered, e-mail the contact link on the main page, and they will be corrected.
The NBSR section has a feature that I have not seen anywhere else, a form that can is designed to report sightings of NBSR equipment! Check it out! www.rrnne.net/nbsr  Thanks again to our anonymous contributor! - Joey Kelley, Co-Webmaster, RRNNE.net
October 29, 2005 Hello All: A new contributor to RRNNE has put together a very complete NBSR locomotive roster, and graciously has uploaded it to RRNNE! Check it out - www.rrnne.net/nbsr  - and although he wishes to remain anonymous, a great big THANK YOU!

The MM&A car roster is still being overhauled, so much to do, so little time! - Joey Kelley, Co-Webmaster, RRNNE.net
October 21, 2005 Hello All: How time flies! So many changes, so little time! The Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Locomotive roster has been completely overhauled - and is as up to date as I can make it. Next up is the non MMA owned car roster.

We're still looking for more contributions to the photo gallery, never enough photos.

At this point, its clear that I have underestimated the amount of time and effort that it takes to keep a site like this updated. The New Brunswick Southern section hasn't been touched, and the SLR section is very much the same.  The Guilford section isn't up to date, and needs an overhaul. At this point, if anyone out there is willing to take on the responsibility of any of these sections - the opportunity is available.

More overhauls to come! - Joey Kelley, Co-Webmaster, RRNNE.net
August 22, 2004 Hello All: With the NERail Photo Archive down, I have launched the RRNNE.net Photo Gallery, featuring all the Railroads that we have pages for, and a couple more. Not nearly as big as NERail, but it should hold us over!

More updates, and Photos to come! - Joey Kelley, Co-Webmaster, RRNNE.net

June 30, 2004 Hello All: Thanks to Paolo Roffo, who did a lot of research, we now have many more serial numbers and build dates for the Railworld owned locomotives. The new info appears in the MM&A roster. Matt Minson is back from the State of Maine's summer cruise, and reports that this year, she made it back on all cylinders.

More updates to come! - Joey Kelley, Co-Webmaster, RRNNE.net

May 20, 2004 Hello All:  Finally finished the update to the MM&A locomotive roster that Matt started before he left.  Speaking of which, for those that don't know, Matt is currently on the Maine Maritime Academy training ship the State of Maine, which is why he hasn't been around. I have graduated from Eastern Maine Community College with an Associates Degree in Computer Systems Technologies. This has finally freed me up time wise to get this update done, and some serious railfanning in. I also have a new digital camera, which will take higher quality pictures than any of the ones currently on the site. As always, we at RRNNE.net appreciate your viewing of our work, and would love to hear from you, as comments are always welcome! 

Thanks for sticking with us! - Joey Kelley, Co-webmaster, RRNNE.net

March 20, 2004
The GRS Locomotive Roster has been updated. It now includes the weights of some locomotives. I am continuing to work on filling in the blanks. -R.T.
March 16, 2004
The Guilford Rail System Locomotive Roster has been updated. Several corrections and deletions have been made, and the page itself has been optimized for easier readability. Additionally, the size of the page has been reduced from 425KB to less than 100KB, which means much faster download speeds for dialup users.

-R.T. Dowling
March 15, 2004 Hello All:  Seems like its been a while since we updated the website, but a lot of small updates have gone unmentioned. The major updates include adding numerous roster pictures to the MM&A pages, and the gallery as well.

Perhaps the most major update has been the addition of R.T. Dowling to the RRNNE.net staff. R.T. has been working with webpages for many years, and his experience is invaluable here. Thanks man, and welcome aboard!

As always, thanks to all for your continued support! --Joey Kelley, Webmaster

February 29, 2004 Hello All: Matt has done a lot with the site recently, changed the roster organization, and added a bunch of new pictures. Hats off to him!   I've added a few pictures today, and I'm hoping to be working a little on the behind the scenes work that needs to get done.

Thanks for visiting! --Joey Kelley, Webmaster, RRNNE.net

February 19, 2004 Hello All: I've done two rather large chases in three days, so I updated the MM&A locomotive roster pages with new images, and details. Also, reorganized the MM&A locomotive roster page, to better reflect what is on the property, and what is not. Look for more updates in the coming days!

Thanks for visiting! --Joey Kelley, Webmaster, RRNNE.net

February 14, 2004 Hello All: Added detail pictures of MMA 136, one of the 50 foot single door boxcars recently purchased by the MMA from SLGG. Added additional information to the MM&A track maintenance equipment page. Also, I fixed a couple of typos to the MM&A locomotive page.

Hope you all enjoy the site! --Joey Kelley, Webmaster RRNNE.net 

February 12, 2004 Hello All: I added the Wheeling and Lake Erie units, CDAC F-40s, and Boston and Maine 337 to the MM&A roster page, and made changes to the units leased from CP, gone are the SD-40s, replaced by two GP-9u's and a GP-38.  I finally managed to get a picture of a MMA 50 foot single door boxcar (standard height) and added those to the car roster page.

Please note: at the moment, the MM&A motive power situation is changing faster than we can update the roster. Not all that long ago, within 48 hours, the number of active units dropped from 13 to 8. Such swings, combined with equal numbers of units dying and being restored, make a roster at this point in time some what of a labor of love. On the page right now are units that we know are on the property, although their condition is uncertain.

Hope you all enjoy the site!  --Joey Kelley, Webmaster RRNNE.net